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Goldisc Records was started in February 1960 by the legendary record producer George Goldner. His "hit factory" included The Temptations who scored a hit with their first record "Barbara" in May of that year. It reached #29 on the Billboard Hot 100. Along with Artists like Ivory Joe Hunter, and Little Richard who became a Minister and recorded two LP's of Gospel songs, Goldisc started to make its mark in the record industry during the early sixties. Financial setbacks caused the label to become dormant for over 14 years. Timeless Entertainment acquired the assets of this fledgling company during the spring of 1978. Goldisc was reborn as a reissue record label with a series of over 100 45RPM records that featured back to back hits by various Pop and R&B Artists who had their hits during the late 50's and 60's.

Prior to this, a record producer named Fred Bailin, who was with MCA Records at the time decided to produce a concert featuring Various performers from the 1950's and 1960's and this took place on April 17th and 18th in 1970. The result was this 2 CD set The Original Rock & Roll Show, a Live recording of 13 different artists performing their hits in front of a sold out crowd at the Academy Of Music Theatre in New York City. An excerpt of the liner notes follows:

"First, you have to picture this....At the Academy Of Music in New York City there are lines around the block to see a Rock N'Roll Show! On the big marquee outside you see the names of groups whose music brightened your life, and made your record collection something to be proud of, why, they all seem to be here, The Cleftones, The Dubs, The Skyliners, The Del Vikings, The Cadillacs, and more! The Alan Freed Orchestra is the "house band", and the crowd is keyed up with nervous anticipation, which is another way of saying that a fight could break out! Shows were put on at the Paramount theatre in Times Square in 56' and 57'. But wait a minute, the scene described here, and it is accurate, is a scene from the year 1970! This isn't merely a "revival" attempt, it is an honest-to-goodness Rock N'Roll show!

About Timeless Entertainment

Timeless Entertainment is a diversified company with vast catalogues of Music in Pop, R&B, Latin, Easy Listening, Vocal & Big Band Jazz. Many titles from these catalogues are being licensed for Feature Films, Television and Commercials. Timeless Entertainment offers not only the finished musical works but also the "how to" in creating a musical landscape for visual productions. Additional creative services for the entertainment community include Licensing, Clearance and Supervision.

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